Polio Vaccine | Health Minister Parsadi asks for Polio vaccine 2022

polio vaccine The Health Ministry has issued a call-to-action on Social Media to make a “Polio Free India”. The Health Minister took to twitter to appeal for the initiative in which people were encouraged to protect their children by participating in a fortnightly program of mass administration of polio vaccine—one of the few ways we have left that can help stamp out the virus.

There is an alarming outbreak of polio in Afghanistan, affecting 290 cases. In order to combat the epidemic, there must be a strong effort from all sides. That includes raising awareness on immunization programs such as vaccinations, spreading messages through social media to encourage vulnerable children to get vaccinated and discouraging new parents from giving their child oral polio drops.

Why should everyone get polio vaccine?

Polio vaccine

There is no vaccine for polio. It’s a contagious, life-threatening infection. Even if you have been vaccinated, the virus can still cause paralysis or death because some people do not get sick even with vaccine doses. Whenever anyone contracts this disease, they lose abilities to breathe and swallow water on their own or use their arms or legs well.

polio vaccine can also lead to permanent nerve damage in children It is believed that India had reported 1,505 cases of polio in the first six months of this year. This is a major cause for concern because it shows that the country must come up with a better plan to fight and control the spread of this disease. The government can start by making polio a national priority and forcing all children, including those who are not registered under the public health care program, get vaccinated.

How can we eliminate Polio vaccine in India?

As per the latest estimates, India is home of approximately 22 million polio cases. Due to non-zero surveillance rate and vaccination coverage, India had almost eliminated wild poliovirus transmission in its early years. But worse than that, the outbreak in Pakistan focus countries like Afghanistan, Iraq and Nigeria has created three-way fear among parents and children globally.

It would be a relief for the polio-affected people all around India if we could simultaneously get rid of polio, so that the government’s pressure will then decrease on them and they can live their lives in peace. And, another way to eliminate polio vaccine is by implementing proper vaccination practices and supporting immunization programs.

Advantages of a mass polio campaign

In the month of December, health minister Dr. Ramesh Parsadi asked for a nationwide polio vaccination drive that would be conducted over the long hours of Christmas Day. He believes the mass campaign is going to be well-received and will remain a major priority for healthcare in the country.

The prevalence of Polio vaccine is low in our country, with just 4 cases reported in 2016. India still has the capability to control polio and should make a nationwide effort to achieve its international commitment. If India believes in achieving this objective it will need to take advantage of the campaign’s multiple opportunities by providing mass drives that can reach the entire population and its openings for decision making not only during this week, but also after it ends.

Need for immediate help

Child polio cases in Iran at the start of June have been increasing, with the number nearly reaching the level experienced in 2018. Minister of Health and Medical Education Parviz Parsadi has responded to these recent developments by calling for a nationwide polio vaccine drive that would include all Iranians six months old or older Health Minister Parsadi says that they need immediate help because the global polio vaccine drive nears. The results of a survey were announced where the average Bangladeshi citizen complains about health systems and services twice a week.


Nepal’s health minister has called for a nationwide polio vaccine drive, following a recent surge in cases of the virus. Dr Punya Prasad Uprety says experts have confirmed that the country is now on “high-risk” footing after 72 cases were reported between January-September last year.

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