Nature Adventure Camp- water sports and other fun activities.2022

Nature Adventure Camp is just 50 kilometres away from Bangalore and is located in a forest area that gives an experience of staying in the forest despite living close to the city. In fact, camping is one such activity that will give immense relief from the daily workload. So in this article, you will get to know everything that you want related to Nature Adventure Camping that is situated at Kanakapura. As the name suggests you will be getting the activities that are close to nature while also being adventurous. If you are an adventurous person, then you must surely hit this place to enjoy and spend quality time with your family and friends. 

Nature Adventure

As soon as you reach the site you will find a huge parking lot, which is a sigh of relief as you rarely find space in such places to park your vehicle. It is also advisable to park in the parking lot than somewhere else so as to ensure security to the vehicle. After parking the vehicle, you can hit the entrance gate, which is appealing and looks so traditional. And after completing the booking, you will be given a camp so that you can keep your belongings and explore the site. If you arrive there in the morning, you can also do breakfast here and there is a nice passage that will lead you to the breakfast area. 

The morning session

After breakfast, you will start your activities. Initially, you will get to play kabaddi. You might think kabaddi is just a normal activity to do. But it becomes special when you do that in the wet muddy area. Yes, you will get to spend some quality time playing kabaddi in the wet muddy area. Then after a small trek, you will be leading to another activity called ziplining, which is a long nylon thread that is tied all along the passage and you will be tied to that rope and released to the other end of the rope. 

This is also a splash landing zipline where you will be hit into the lake once you are on the other edge as the other end is caught by the crew of Nature Adventure Camp. This is an amazing experience to have, which is done just above the lake. Then there is a unique activity called Bass Boating. This is a unique activity because the boat here is a traditional boat where you will be boarding. 

Then you will be taken to the middle of the lake. After this, the rider of the boat will turn the boat super fast into a rounding mode. This will be an awesome adventure activity to do in the water. 

Lunch and the rest of the day

Lunch Time

After a whole day full of adventurous activities, it will be time for lunch. The Nature Adventure Camp provided a very good meal for an energetic day. They have both sections for the vegetarian and non-vegetarian. In the vegetarian meal, you will be provided with some starters like pav bhaji, Pani puri etc. And the main course is filled with vegetable biryani along with the panner and other side dishes. 

In the non-vegetarian package, you will be provided with the chicken lollipops as the starters and the main course is of course the chicken biryani along with other side dishes. After knowing all these things, you will surely feel your mouth-watering. The advantage is that along with having your lunch, you can enjoy the views of the lake nearby. 

Activities After lunch

After lunch, you can do small activities like the paintball, which will surely bring back your childhood memories. Then in the evening, you can do similar kinds of activities like indoor games. They provide indoor games like foosball, carroms, art and table tennis. After dinner, you will be enjoying the bonfire or the campfire along with the music. Then the most awaited part is to sleep in the camps that you are waiting to do.

There are lots of other fun places also if you want to do camping near Bangalore.

Camping and trekking

After a cosy night in your camp, you will be doing a trek towards a mountain nearby. This is also a thrilling experience of camping as you will not only do the modern activities but also stay along with nature that aptly suits the name of this camp. After reaching the top, you will not only conquer the mountain but also yourself as you get totally immersed into nature from the top. So make sure you visit this place and get close to nature. 

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