What to Do in Nandi Hills? 2022


Nandi Hills is just 10 kilometres away from Chikballapur town and approximately 60 kilometres from Bangalore and here are some interesting things to do in Nandi Hills. 

 Nandi Hill
Nandi Hill

Stay overnight at Mayura Pine Top and enjoy camping

If you want to stay at Nandi Hills, then there is a beautiful option that is provided by the state government itself which is called Mayura Pine Top Resort. There are two blocks namely Gandhi Nilaya and Nehru Nilaya. You can head towards Gandhi Nilaya nearby to finish the check-in process.

Both Gandhi Nilaya and Nehru Nilaya are surrounded by complete greenery, which is an amazing experience to have. Though the building is a bit old, the rooms are maintained well with cleanliness and hygiene. The resort offers many amenities like delicious food, sightseeing of the Nandi Hills and so on. The clouds along with the chill weather make it more interesting to stay and look out from the resort. 

Visit Yoga Nandeeshwara Temple

It is said to be one of the oldest temples built in the 9th century and witnessed almost 5 different dynasties and is situated at the foothills of Nandi Hills. The kings made the Temple a centre of sociocultural activity around the village. Just 60 kilometres away from Bangalore, Yoga Nandeeshwara Temple can be a perfect one day trip. There is also ample parking space to park your vehicle around the temple complex. 

This is the temple that shows the unique art and architecture that is hidden in the temple construction. It hosts an iconic stone umbrella, which is carved out of a stone in the form of an umbrella. There are many statuses of different deities, mythological creatures and characters that enhance the temple’s beauty. For a spectacular visit, you can come here on Shivratri where one lakh lamps are lit in the evening. 

Sunrise at Nandi Hills 

The Nandi Hills is famous for its sunset and sunset point and especially the sunrise point is very beautiful because of the journey you take to visit the Nandi Hills. For an awesome view of the sunrise, you must start your journey at around 4 am and you will be amazed to see many cars and bikes moving towards the top even in those cold and dark times. After you reach the Nandi Hills, you must trek for at least 30 minutes in order to reach the sunrise point.

This is also the time when you will see the dense fog that will totally cover your way to the top. As soon as you reach the top, you will see the sunrise that is over and above the clouds. There is a high rise platform for the visitors to have a clear view of the sunrise. And from this place, you can clearly see the sun rising above the clouds,  which is an amazing view to witness. 

Bamboo Huts walk Experience 

As soon as you complete the sunrise view, you can see some bamboo huts on the opposite side of the high raised platform. This is the place where you can spend quality time with your family and friends in Nandi Hills. These bamboo Huts are high raised huts that are constructed in the midst of the tall trees which are sparsely placed. 

These huts do not have a concrete base hence you cannot go into them. It just has a frame and you need to enter the hut with careful steps on them, thus making it an adventurous trial. Each hut is connected to another hut with a still pathway which facilitates the inter movement of the people with careful steps. So this is altogether a unique experience in Nandi Hills, which is mostly visited for nature’s serenity. 

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Visit Tipu’s Lodge

Though Nandi Hills is famous for its greenery and sunrise point, it also hosts many historical monuments like the Tipu’s lodge, which gives you a rustic feeling. Only a few visitors to Nandi Hills might know and have seen this bungalow as visitors move forward from the main gate towards the viewpoints and miss this historical guesthouse of Tipu Sultan. 

This is located in a fortified area of the hill and is built in a rectangular two-storeyed structure. This lodge was used by Tipu as a summer resort. Though the building is in a dilapidated stage, you can see the surrounding sites like Silver Wood, Nilgiri, and Christmas Trees. On the eastern side of the building, you can take a flight of stairs that will lead you to the first floor of the building. And this lodge can be a great location for portrait photography. 

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