MRSHLL Is The LGBTQR+ Artist of Your Taste Buds’ Dreams

MRSHLL made his debut this week as the gay artist of your dreams. With “Breathe,” he’s taking risks, exploring a side of himself. Now, with just an EP under his belt, MRSHLL is making space in mainstream pop music for the LGBTQ community.


MRSHLL is not only a musician but also an incredibly talented artist. He’s the type of artist that takes a cliché and turns it into something incredible. Just take his debut song “Breathe.” The description of the song is so generic: “When you feel like you’re suffocating, there’s no oxygen left, even in love.” But he adds lyrics throughout to make it seem lyrically different: “I want to love you on the rocks, when flowers need watering,

If you’re in need of some new listening material with a distinctly LGBTQ+ twist to it, then MRSHLL is the perfect artist for you. There’s no shortage of queer musicians to choose from these days, but what makes this newcomer so exciting is that, unlike many traditionally gay/lesbian artists out there, MRSHLL isn’t solely focusing on their sexuality through their songs– and instead getting their message across through intricate stories and lyrics.

In an interview with Dazed , MRSHLL explained his creative process saying: “I will always try to push out a bedroom pop song, that I wrote, produced and mixed” but he described the feeling of creating music as third person. “I don’t know how to say it…fake confidence? I love the words ‘confidence’ and ‘antagonistic,’ and sometimes I feel both when I write songs. When I’m writing lyrics, I become one with my contradictory and self-

MRSHLL, the LGBTQR artist of your dreams

MRSHLL is an artist that identifies as queer, non-binary, and who has a love for electronic music. They are based in Toronto but were raised in Edmonton and Mexico City. They have a sound which they define as “thumping techno or syrupy disco, amped up R&B or Miami bass… Afro-futurist beats soaked in sensual saturation.” They are signed to Beat The System Records and have released 2 albums on the label.

MRSHLL also hosts a radio show called “Thump on Thursdays” which is podcast and broadcast on Beats 1 Radio. At our show they will be launching their new album, Club Thump. MRSHLL promises to have a great stage presence and deep bass lines that are sure to make you shake. Their first single of the night ‘Motif’ is a rousing upbeat summer banger with a clear political message.

*MRSHLL is touring in support of the new album & video release CRY!’MRSHLL first hit

Who is MRSHLL?

MRSHLL is an artist from South Korea. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia and moved to Seoul, South Korea when he was just two years old. His first solo album was called Agape and it was released in November 2017. He also released a single album I’m MRHSHLL in 2012. His fans love to call themselves RISH.

How’s he suppose to know a lot of random facts from the country of Korea? He can’t tell them all on his own YouTube channel so instead, he creates content with his fans called REDDIT TALKS, RESPECK & RESOLVING ISSUES WITH RISH CHARACTERS (RedCar1) MR SHILL! He created this Podcast for people who

Influences and Interests

Rachel is a queer, Korean American singer and songwriter. Her contemporaries include Carly Rae Jepsen and Frank Ocean. Her influences are Billie Eilidh, Kanye West, Drake, Alice in Chains, Royksopp. She also loves listening to Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye.

Other Genres, Artists, and Personal Facts

MRSHLL is a queer artist that specializes in many genres. They have a passion for revisiting R&B and Hip Hop classics as well as progressing rock. They are inspired by artists like Janet Jackson, Andre 3000, and Courtney Barnett. MRSHLL also runs their own label The Hidden Night to showcase albums by their friends.

Where to find MRSHLL’s music?

There are many places to find MRSHLL’s music. You can search for him on I tunes, Spotify, or Soundcloud. Even YouTube will list playlists from MRSHLL if you search his name in the wide world that is YouTube. Honestly, it would be fun for me to challenge you and your love for music by telling you that MRSHLL hasn’t released any new albums yet but searching #MRSHLL on Twitter will show you of five other artists with the same born name.


MRSAHLL’s art is a perfect mixture of memento mori, high fashion, and surrealism. Spanning gender norms, periods and parenthood, the work encapsulates nuances that many don’t often get to see or want to acknowledge in their lives. MRSHLL balances out the heavy topics with humor because life is funny.  The artist’s clear message is “I will survive.”

It seems like readers can relate to the queer artist because they are so many entries on Tumblr of people leaving messages reading “I WILL SURVIVE” after hearing about the election results.  It may seem hard right now, but things will get brighter again eventually and this article gives an artist to look up to who not only inspires you but is an example of resilience despite your hardship.

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There are a lot of artwork by queer artists that represent things that people in LGBTQ communities deal with on an everyday basis and it’s inspiring to have these individuals speak through their art.

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