Top 5 Ways To Use A Meditation Pillow 

Meditation Pillow is what makes people feel the benefits of mindfulness.  Especially while they are breathing they used to take a deep breath, it will make everyone feel relaxed.  Meditation pillows are also said to be meditation cushions.  They were designed to give great comfort to the people who used to meditate regularly. 

These cushions will make the meditation do for a lengthy period.   These pillows are the one that gives additional comfort for the users.  Even the meditation cushions are also used for sitting and doing desk work.

Way To Sit In Meditation Pillow                            

Meditation Pillow

When you sit incorrectly on a  meditation pillow, it may cause you any kind of physical illness.  So sitting in the correct position on a meditation pillow is very important.  They should face their base on the front part of the pads.  And the position should be like the legs must be folded. 

Their hips must be in a comfortable way of characteristic position.  The spine should be fixed, so the pelvis must be somewhat forwarded.  On the forward part of the cushion, you should sit upon the reflection cushion.  On the floor, the knees or the lower legs have to be laid.  These kinds of extra resources will give soundness during reflection.

Half Or Quarter Lotus Pose

When you sit in Half Quarter Lotus Pose you will feel the steadiness of a pad.  It is a reflective position.  It will assist your hips to be opened and raised.  And also you can sit in various positions too.  It also makes your hips, knees and lower legs to be opened while you sit in Half or Quarter Lotus Pose.  in youngsters present and in the curved back present, it is accomplished with expanded security

Simple Crossed – Legged Pose

The position of sitting like a leg present for the strain on your joints will extend your knees and keep your hips open.  When you use this kind of reflection pad, this will assist you to hold you back from balancing your back. 

This will also save your spine to be in the correct arrangement for longer that is it will avoid issues in the spine region.  For the development of energy, the hero pose and crossed legs pose will be helpful.  When you follow this kind of meditation pillow, you will get tons of establishments. 

Child’s Pose 

The child’s posture or pose will be like a top pick for some of the people who used to meditate.  This posture will begin with your knees and this will twist your body forwardly.  For the rest of your head, this pose will promote an agreeable and additional spot.  This posture will extend your thighs, hips and back.  This will make your brain feel liberated.  And here you will get a profound breath.

Arched Back

Arched Back is the posture that makes your chest to be intended open and ribcage be profound more and also during contemplation and breathing activities you will get longer breaths.  For calming lower back torment, it is the additional method and also after your yoga practice, this makes you feel the loosening up your mid-region.  To open the chest, with the cushion right of your hips you have to plunk down and you have to recline with your arms.  And then you have to take a deep breath and breathe out gently.

On the whole, using the meditation pillow or the cushions in the right method helps you to create a proper posture and it also helps you to meditate for a longer time with ease and comfort.  This kind of meditation pillows will help you to adjust your body in a very good and similar manner.

There are totally six types of meditation.  They are Mindfulness meditation, Spiritual meditation, Focused meditation, Movement Meditation, Mantra Meditation, Transcendental Meditation, Metta or Loving Kindness Meditation and Guided Meditation.

As our body is uniquely presented for every individual, taking care of it is very important.  While doing meditation, using meditation pillows or cushions is also much more important.  This increases your comfort and makes you feel more peaceful.

Use meditation pillows regularly..!

Have a peaceful and pleasant time in your day to day life..!

Begin your day with a beautiful and comfortable feel..!


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