Leh Ladakh: Everything to Know 2022

About Ladakh

Ladakh may be a very beautiful tourist destination, this place tops the list of most tourists. But thanks to being a really cold area there are many such things that the tourist going here for the primary time doesn’t know.

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Leh-Ladakh, confined in the beautiful plains of Jammu, needs no introduction today, especially among the young generation, Leh Ladakh is very famous for its tremendous adventure. Ladakh, full of snowy desert, has ancient beauty, monasteries, wildlife safaris on the snow-laden mountains, as well as the inclusion of Indian and Tibetan Buddhism here.

Apart from this, there are many such small things that if you already know, then your journey will become easier. Blue skies, vast barren mountains and clear blue water of the lake are all such things you will get to see only in Ladakh.

Leh Ladakh

Why to visit Leh Ladakh

Spreading the beauty of amazing natural beauty, Ladakh is surrounded by high mountains covered with snow, but this area is mostly barren. While travelling on the Srinagar-Leh National Highway, one gets to see the unique natural beauty on the way. Looking at the high, bare, snowy mountains spread for miles, it seems that they are standing silent and calm, who do not know how many secrets they contain. There is no trace of the population anywhere, but then suddenly a small green valley appears in the middle, where life seems to be crawling at a very slow pace.

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Living in the shadow of the vast mountains, Ladakhis have probably learned patience, tolerance, faith and courage to face all kinds of challenges. That’s why Ladakh has its own distinct culture, a different lifestyle. This region attracts tourists with its diverse natural beauty. The hills of Karakoram of Nubra valley overwhelm everyone with the natural beauty of ants, trees, plants, glaciers etc. There is no better place than Ladakh for other thrilling sports like trekking, canoeing, rafting etc.

Related things to remember

The weather of Ladakh changes in minutes, you’ll feel warm once you look outside, but cold winds will start blowing immediately. If you are not used to the cold, then stay for a day in Leh to acclimate your body to the cold water. This will help your body to adapt to the environment. Don’t choose  a walk on the primary day itself.

Ladakh may be a no-plastic zone,  therefore the use of plastic is totally banned here, plastic bottles are often filled within the ecological centre here for 7 rupees, you do not have to throw them anywhere. If you’re getting to visit any remote area in Ladakh, then lookout the environment and rather than throwing unnecessary garbage there, take it with you and throw it in the dustbin made in the hotel.

If you want to save money, then you can take stock taxis which will be available from the local taxi stand. But even these taxis don’t cover long distances but are the simplest for getting around.

Do not make an unnecessary display of bare feet, shoulders or other parts of the body, local people consider it bad, especially avoid doing so at religious places. People are very humble here but it might be better if you avoid doing this before anyone speaks.

Along with all this, you also have to prepare yourself physically for this journey. If you are physically healthy and active then it is very good, otherwise a little exercise, jogging, yoga etc. A month or two before the journey is enough.

If you are visiting Ladakh for the first time and still it is taking time to acclimatize, then avoid drinking the local food thukpa and beer chang made from barley. Don’t let your stomach get upset in the affair of testing local food.

Smoking is a crime here in public places and inside cabs, it will be better if you avoid doing so or else the driver will politely forbid you to do so.

Many times people have trouble breathing due to high altitude. You must have heard about Acute altitude sickness. This problem is caused by getting to high altitude areas, so here you’ll also take an oxygen cylinder from the chemist, which can be available for around 500 rupees.

Leh city you stay at Changspa road. This place is one of the best cities to stay in. The option of homestay is also available here, which is available at a lower price than hotels and guest houses. You arrange your stay according to your budget.

Warm clothes are the most important thing on a Leh Ladakh bike trip. Don’t forget to take them with you. In addition to thick jackets, many layers of clothes are more effective in avoiding winter, so if possible, keep many thin warm clothes with you.

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