Kudremukh Trek: A First timer’s Guide 2022

Kudremukh Forest adventure along with fun, enjoyment and all the fun-filled activities with amazing and unforgettable memories. Skip your daily routine and enjoy the weekend vacation because you don’t get holidays every day. 

Kudremukh Trek

A trail through the forest and ten reaching the heights, witnessing the spectacular sunset; everything can be witnessed in this trek. Not in the daytime but you can have an amazing view even after the sunset. Also, what is the preferable way over a trip to observe nature around evening time in its most perfect structure? 

“A trip enjoyable at any time whether it is day or night, any season and fully loaded with fun. Why would someone miss a trip like this? Here is a list of the place”

Location & Introduction

Kudremukh National Park is spread halfway over the thick uneven woods close to the seaside fields on the western piece and the shola vegetation on the Western Ghats uplands, covering portions of 3 regions, i.e., Chikmagalur, Udupi, and Dakshina Kannada. The Kudremukh top by which the National Park inferred its name, is the most noteworthy rise at 1892 meters.

History of Kudremukh

Three significant streams, the Tunga, the Bhadra and the Nethravathi are said to have their starting point here. A sanctum of goddess Bhagavathi and a Varaha picture, 1.8 m inside a cavern are the fundamental attractions. The Tunga River and Bhadra River stream uninhibitedly through the parklands. The region of the Kadambi cascades is a clear focal point for any individual who goes to the spot. The creatures observed there incorporate Malabar civets, wild canines, sloth bears and spotted deer. 

Famous environmentalist, Dr K Ullas Karanth attempted a point by point and deliberate review of the appropriation of the endangered lion-followed macaque in Karnataka during 1983-84 with help from the Government of Karnataka. 

Things to carry 

  • Extra pair of clothes 
  • Trekking shoes with thick sole to ensure comfortable and easy trekking 
  • Camera to capture the beautiful sceneries 
  • Water bottle 
  • Snacks and eatables in case you don’t get any eating points. 
  • Backpack in order to carry all your stuff
  • Raincoat / Windcheater
  • Sunglasses 
  • Cap / hat
  • Cosmetics like cream, sunscreen, moisturizer, body lotion, face wash, body wash, lip balm
  • Toiletries
  • Medicines in case of any emergencies 
  • First Aid for any injuries 
  • Trekking pole / Walking pole 
  • Rope 
  • A book if you wish to read any of your favorite romantic book
  • Why should you visit 

The Kudremukh journey is each one’s fantasy. Kudremukh journey is through steep slopes and valleys. The slopes, which endure the worst part of the serious rainstorm wind, block any tree development; accordingly, the scene is covered with grass.

The valleys which are wrapped up, have sensible protection from wind and a profound soil profile, because of which evergreen forests exist making one of a kind microclimate, rich with greeneries, orchids, and so forth The entire view of meadow blended with thin segments of forests give an incredible vista to an adventurer.

The absolutely outside air and the move all overstimulates the body and mitigates the spirit. During the trip, one can view and concentrate on a few natural life types of plants, birds, reptiles, creatures of land and water, butterflies, bugs, and so on. 

The best part of the trek is that travellers with no previous experience of trekking can also enjoy this amazing journey. The Kudremukh journey is of a moderate level. You really want to cover 9 km one way. There are no troublesome areas thus except for noting down a couple of things to remember while travelling. Travelling in the backwoods area can be slippery. 

With five holy lakes situated close to the town – Amba Teertha, Naga Teertha, Vasishtha Teertha, Rudra Teertha and Varaha Tirtha – Kudremukh is likewise a well-known journey.

  • Flora & Fauna 

The space holds an extraordinary variety of greenery. Creatures that dwell in the thick woodlands incorporate the savage jumping panther, tiger, the jeopardized lion-followed macaque, langur, spotted deer, woofing deer, sloth bear, gaur, sambar, monster flying squirrels and a lot more are found in this wild. The IUCN red rundown waitlists the district with three endemic and seven weak types of creatures of land and water. The region is likewise a focal point for reptiles.

The bountifulness of practically 7000mm of precipitation consistently has brought forth a thick timberland cover, chiefly populated by semi-evergreen and evergreen trees. Meadows likewise perfectly spread themselves on the moving slopes, with the public park holding perhaps the biggest area of high elevation fields in the Western Ghats.

  • Best time to visit 

Although the town encounters a lovely environment over time, October to May is the best and ideal opportunity to visit Kudremukh assuming you’re wanting to go travelling as the sun isn’t all that singing. 

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