ICICI Prudential Technology Fund: A New Asset Class 2022

What does it mean for ICICI Prudential technology to be new? Furthermore, does it really mean anything when it comes from a financial institution? To make sense of this absurdity, consider the following article’s discussion on solar energy—something new to the “old” fund investors.

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The ICICI Prudential Private Equity and Technology Fund is the lesser spoken about but becoming more popular investing choice from India’s largest bank. With its unmatched exposure to private equity, venture capital funds and technology companies of

ICICI Prudential Technology Fund: Background

ICICI Prudential Technology Fund

With technology becoming more prevalent in all aspects of our lives and traditional sources of investment lacking, ICICI Prudential Technology Fund is one solution on how to prepare for the future.

The ICICI Prudential Equity fund is a globally diversified, high-performing fund with over three billion dollars in assets under management. This has led the company to explore more AAA-rated securities through the investment space.

The ICICI Prudential Technology Fund is the newest asset class created by India’s largest publically traded services company. The fund was established in 2006 and today it’s more than $6 billion in size. Currently, this fund is mostly invested in Indian tech companies however the past few years, globalization has changed the dynamics of this sector and now many international companies are looking towards emerging markets such as India for investment opportunities.

The ICICI Prudential Technology Fund is a very diverse investment fund. It invests in companies with the hottest new technologies for significant returns. The fund looks for firms that are likely to have the best growth rates and are not heavily financed by governments because those have a higher risk. The fund has investments from around 100 countries, but the largest share comes from India. Read more at www.newagecapital.com

ICICI Prudential Technology Fund: Focuses on sectors that are interactive with technology

The ICICI Prudential Technology Fund (CPT) is something new for India. It offers investors a way to invest in companies that make biotechnology, biotech, optics, and electronics-based products. The fund has about $14 billion under its belt so far, but limited numbers of accounts. Because of this, the fund may become more popular in the future. One company listed on the iPT is GIPO Biotech Limited. The company focuses on developing stem cell treatment and vaccines against various diseases like cancer.

The ICICI Prudential Technology Fund is a closely-held technology fund that invests in the sectors which are interactive with technology. It covers over 300 stocks, including emerging and core technologies to invest in all relevant companies and industries such as semiconductors, IT services, e-commerce, telecom, and securities trading. As of December 1st 2016, the fund had an average annual total return of 20.3%.

The ICICI Prudential Technology Fund is a fund that has been designed to focus on sectors that are interactive with technology. It is considered an industry-block dominated fund and is a suitable investment to help balance members’ portfolios. Included in this new asset class are technology, media and communications, ICT, tactical media and entertainment, consumer consumables/apparel, construction/real estate as well as services.

How Can We Solve Our Money Problems?

The best-performing fund over the last five years has been a multi-asset class diversified fund offered by ICICI Prudential, called the ICICI Prudential Technology & Business Services Fund. This is a new kind of portfolio that involves making bets on the future (cryptocurrency, startup companies other investments in the IT sector).

ICICI Pru has the potential to solve two of the problems that come with investing. The first is that stock markets are open all night, which makes it difficult to trade from work. Additionally, many individuals don’t have the time or expertise to make smart investments in various asset classes, which may compound over time. ICICI Pru trains advisors on its regular workshops that approach this issue. Additionally, ICICI also works with mentors who will help clients set up their investment plans.

ICICI Prudential Technology Fund (FPT), an asset class that is just starting to make its way into the Indian market, has been catching investors’ eyes and money. In a country where the average income is low, making wise financial decisions can help secure both short and long term goals. As FPT gains traction, investors should watch for other benefits this innovative asset class could bring as well including better liquidity in the secondary market.

Benefits of investing in this Fund

Investors were always wary about how effective investments can only be made with large amounts of cash. Then, all of a sudden, the idea of individual investors investing in technology funds and start-ups became an appealing prospect. A new strategy such as this had investors looking for opportunities in new areas.

ICICI Prudential Technology Fund, or ITPT for short, is a hedge fund that invests in technology to achieve long-term returns. There are two major benefits in using this fund such as additional investment capital and lower volatility.

With the uncertainty of currencies present, investors are looking for stable investments that won’t fluctuate in value. Technology fund is one such investment option. They let their portfolios mimic market shares to provide their investors with optimal return on investment. Technology funds also have a low correlation to other major asset classes like stocks and bonds.

How to invest in this Fund

The ICICI Prudential Technology Fund is an investment vehicle that the Indian bank began to offer in 2016. It pools money from employees and investors and it invests in start-ups that have developed technology-based innovations. The fund is “attracting billions so far” according to its founder Rohini Malkani of ICICI Venture.

Investments are based on a risk/return ratio and the minimum investment is $1,000. Investments will not go into anything deemed speculative by the asset allocation team but can go into any company with well-established disruptive or “threatening or viable” technology


Despite all of the negative news, the Tech fund has been an incredible way to be a part of this emerging asset class. The technology fund’s US and India portfolios are designed to profit from innovation, which is a fundamental requirement for future capital allocation. In light of the current economic situation, Indian consumers are doing more of their shopping online.

Reports from the last quarter indicate that e-commerce sales in India have grown by 18%. Costs for brick and mortar stores might create an opportunity for technology-driven manufacturers to establish offline brands. As a result, new technologies and markets will be competing with traditional methods. In order to succeed in these markets, it is important for start-ups to have access to funds like ICICI’s open fund for start-ups.

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