The Best Flowers for Hanging Baskets guide the best flowers for hanging baskets 2022

Hanging flower plants within a home can be an excellent design feature that elevates your indoor decor to new heights. Flowers in hanging baskets may add a final touch to any porch or other outdoor space.

However, don’t limit their allure to simply lingering outside. How do you identify which flowers are appropriate for hanging baskets? Please continue reading for a list of our favorite flowering hanging plants for baskets both inside and outside the house. You can buy flowers online and make flower baskets at home.


Verbena Flower

Verbena is an excellent choice even in hot areas. With its clusters of tiny, brightly colored flowers, this hanging flower is a joy. Verbena requires a lot of suns (at least 10 hours a day) and prefers to be planted in well-draining soil. Water as needed, but be careful not to over-water from spring until the first frost verbena blooms.

Alyssum is a lovely flower:


The delicate white flower clusters of sweet alyssum, with their spherical petal clusters, are hard to resist. They’re an excellent basket filler, and they’ll bloom nonstop starting in the middle of April.

Sweet alyssum blossoms have a sweet honey perfume and are attractive to the eye and the nose. Plant in a location with plenty of light and water regularly. If not pruned regularly, sweet alyssum can become unruly and shaggy if left unchecked.



Pansies are easy to grow despite the beautiful quantity of blossoms that will beautify your hanging basket and require little effort. In temperate climates, pansies bloom from spring to summer, while they can bloom all year in warmer climes. Hang baskets in regions with moderate sunlight and water them regularly.



Petunias are another low-maintenance flowering plant that will bloom profusely and be put on a display. Because they bloom continuously and shed their spent blooms on their own, some of these classic favorites are almost built for hanging baskets.

Hummingbirds will flock to your porch or garden if you plant petunias in full sun. They have a more pungent scent in the evening.



Choosing begonias for a hanging basket is a no-brainer due to their large, drooping blossoms and lush foliage. For the rest of their lives, if placed in a sunny setting, they will produce tightly clustered waxy petals. They’re known for their bright, stunning flowers and their ability to withstand high temperatures.

Brightly colored begonias can be found in a range of hues from red to yellow to orange to pink. These annuals can thrive all year long indoors in baskets, but they aren’t frost-resistant and wouldn’t make it through a winter there.



Fuchsias are popular in hanging baskets because of their delicate lantern-shaped, two-toned blooms. Because it grows well in partial to complete shade, this is an excellent choice for a shady porch or patio.

While fuchsia blooms all summer long outside, it is not heated tolerant and would benefit from daily misting during the hottest months. Fertilizing and deadheading are also necessary for fuchsias (removing spent flowers). Keep a watch out for insects or pests on your fuchsias because they are prone to infestation.



I like to use Impatiens in my hanging baskets because of their bright, cheerful, flat-leaved blossoms and because they are mildew resistant. To grow, they need simply a moderate amount of sunlight and minimal upkeep.

Getting them up and running is a huge advantage. Be careful not to overwater your flowers. Colorful flowers can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors all summer long.



Hanging baskets full of lantana, a robust plant that can grow even in the searing summer sun, are a great option. Popular among gardeners because of its beautiful flower clusters.

Lantana attracts hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies when cultivated outside. It’s a low-maintenance plant that requires only a small bit of water. You can also send flowers online if you want to deliver them to your friend’s place.



Lobelia is a dainty, cascading shrub with many blooms. A favorite hanging plant for porches and homes, its blue, purple, and white blossoms make it a welcome addition to any home’s decor.

Early spring is the ideal time to see it blossom, and it does best in mild temps before the summer heat kills it. To get the most out of this magnificent plant, place it in partial shade and maintain the soil moist with regular watering.

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