4. Best beach treks in India

Beach trek Ever wondered about going trek to a beach and relaxing in the salty air with warm sunshine? A totally new concept of trekking and is gaining popularity among many places in India. 

People who do not want the hustles of climbing a rock, mountain peaks, trekking in snow-draped mountains; you can choose beach treks for your weekend holiday. What an amazing weekend spending your day at the beach, sitting on the coastline with your legs in the salty water and hands in the shining sand, watching the horizon while the sun is going deep down the sky. 

It is so beautiful imagining these scenes in your head but why imagine when you can actually experience all that. Here are some places which will give you the best experience of your weekend beach trek with magical sunsets. 

1. Gokarna Beach Trek

  Gokarna Beach Trek

The Gokarna Beach Trek is around a 10 km long journey including climbing and strolling through the seashores. The entire excursion would incorporate a one-way ferry ride and a one-way journey. 

Gokarna is a little oceanside town on the shore of the Arabian ocean, home to an unquestionable requirement to visit the Hindu Pilgrimage site – the Mahabaleshwar sanctuary. This interesting little town stands out enough to be noticed for its many quiet and clean seashores; sightseers from the nation over, just as outsiders, are attracted to the excellence of the town.

To truly encounter the holiness and sightliness of Gokarna, I suggest journeying along the shoreline and investigating an endless flow of striking seashores. You will undoubtedly love the sight and be a survivor of affection from the beginning (ocean side) sight!  

2. Bekal Beach Trek

Who hasn’t heard the name Bakel beach!? A famous beach, not only in Kerala but also in India. Located in Kasaragod and is an amazing 7 km long stretch of excitement. 

It has attracted tourists not only from India but also from all over the world and so you can say that it is not only popular in Kerala or India but also globally. This beach has shown its presence In various Bollywood films. 

The ocean, the backwaters, the waterway deltas and the calm fishing towns around make Bakel a quiet area for journeying. At its sunset point, it offers a beautiful horizon of the sunset going deep into the sea and sky. This amazing scenery and its serene environment are enough to prove why it is so famous and featured in so many Indian films because of its beauty. 

3. Neuti Beach Trek

Yes, we all know that Goa is known for its beach but do you know that it can offer you more than just sitting at the beach and having a sunbath. 

Do you know that you can experience the adventures and thrill of trekking even at the beach the way you experience in the mountainous regions? Of course, both are different and both have their own fun, enjoyment and beauty, but now I am talking about the beach treks. 

You can begin from Porvorim in Goa at 07:00hrs and drive to Kochra-Shriramwadi, an oceanside village among Vengurla and Malvan. The travelling course of this trek moves from one ocean side to another along cliffs and valleys. It is a day-long trip beginning from the littoral town of Korra-Sreeram Vadi among Vengurla and Sreeram Wadi.

There are numerous virgin seashores and forlorn bays on the way. Sea Trek to Neuti is a trail along a lush slope disregarding the Arabian Sea off the coast among Vengurla and Malvan, in southern Maharashtra. 

4. Kumta Beach

Kumta Beach, right around 400 km west of Bangalore is an ideal objective for ocean side journeying and for unravelling oneself from the clamour of city life for a few days. The best part of this beach is that it is so clear, clean and peaceful. 

Kumta Beach

So clear that you can view the most beautiful sunset in your life which is just serene and makes your heart melt. It is so clean that you can view the seawater clearly without any garbage or litter. So peaceful that you can even meditate.

In short, this place is not just a blessing to you but also to your soul. This place is a little unexplored and that is why you can get to see very few people around you. This is a perfect environment for spending time alone and having a peaceful trek. The spotless seashores here and the shimmering blue water of the ocean make certain to enrapture the travellers.

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