7 Best Adventure Camps In India

Nature Adventure Camp 

Adventure Camps Nature Adventure Camp is located in Kanakapura in Karnataka and is very much suitable for all the different people. This Camp is unique because of its emphasis on both Nature and adventurous activities. As part of the adventurous activities, they will provide a splash zipline, bass boating, Kayaking which are almost done in the water.

These are not only adventurous but also close to nature, such as the lake that is situated near to the camping site. Then you can be assured of having a very good meal as part of your lunch and dinner and then will be heading to the camping site for a cosy sleep for the night. Apart from the camping, they will also arrange the trekking to the mountain hill, which is very interesting to do. 

Adventure Camps

Orsang Adventure Camping 

Located on the way of National Highway 48, OrsangAdventure Camping is the most sought after destination in Gujarat. This is located on the banks of river Orsang in Gamdi village. The Orsang Adventure Camp has some thrilling experiences to have along with the camping that is much away from the city’s hustle-bustle.

The camp has a gigantic zip line of 2.5 kilometres long and is known to be the largest in India. There is a swing bridge, a commando bridge that is hanging at around 40 feet in height. There are activities like the zig-zag walk, flying folk that is much like ziplining, rope walk, tyre tumble, monkey bridge. For children there is an adventurous area, making it a child-friendly zone. 

Rocksports Adventure Camp 

Located just 35 kilometres away from Delhi is an amazing place to do some interesting activities. They provide activities like a commando net, on which you will crawl like a soldier passing the wall. Then you will do the most popular activity called the zipline and while doing it you will also get a beautiful view of the surrounding areas of the property. Then you will do the bridge walk on a rope. Apart from these adventurous activities, you can also do pottery making, tractor rides for local feeling etc. 

Mayur Vihar EOD Adventure Camp 

This is the most famous Adventure Camp in East Delhi. First of all, you will be doing an activity called the Tree Top. This is basically a very big ride where you must cross different levels of the tree like a normal walk on the rope, the walk in the net that is tied a height and across from a dark cave. These all seem to be the most unique activities that one can do. You do not need to walk long distances to reach another activity as you would see some activities like archery, bowling alley etc just beside the treetop.

In the bowing room, you can see other indoor games like table tennis, carroms for kids. Then you can do ziplines and bull riders, which are adventurous as well as fun. Then in the evening, you can absolutely do boating which looks awesome with the sunset point. 

Camping in Rishikesh, Shivpuri

The camping in Shivpuri is made of bamboo cottages, which makes it an eco-friendly zone. The camps and cottages are very spacious, especially the cottages, which can accommodate 4 people at a time. So you can come along with your family and experience the unique style of living in camps and cottages. After the cottage look, you can look at the play area for the kids. 

Exoticamp Solo Adventure Camp 

This adventurous camping site is located in Southern Tamil Nadu. This is around 45 kilometres away from Chidambaram town. This organization is also famous for the protection of nature as they say that while kayaking it is important that you need water for fun. Similarly, they reflect every natural tinge for every activity. They also arrange for a great camping area that is truly close to nature. 

Patalkot Camping and Adventurous Sports

Patalkot is located in Madhya Pradesh and is most famous for nature lovers and adventure seekers. While you reach the site in the evening, make sure you enjoy the campfire and Maggie that inspires the chef in you.

Then after a beautiful night’s stay in the camp, you will get to wake up with an amazing viewpoint from the forest rest house. Then you can gear up for the trekking in the morning after a quick breakfast with the views. Here you will walk through the Satpura landscape. Then you will do the activities that are arranged in the Camp making it a complete day. 

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